Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Silly Ole Bears

Abigail will be turning 8 weeks old this Friday.  Wow!  That's so hard to believe!  The last couple of weeks have been especially fun.  Everyday, Abigail is learning about the world around her, and she's having such a great time doing so.  In particular, she has created a game that her father and I really love playing with her.  She is at the stage in her development where she can mimic certain movements and has been exploring her hands, feet and facial features with her mommy and daddy.  Frank and I found out about a week ago that when Abigail would stick out her tongue at us, she would coo and smile when we would do the same back at her.  This quickly became a game that we all like to play.  Now Abigail will initiate the game by sticking out her tongue, and will continue doing so until you do the same back at her.  Then her whole face will light up with a big, huge smile.  

This morning, I awoke out of bed to hear coos and oohs coming from Abigail's bassinet.  Daddy had turned on her teddy bear mobile, and Abigail was smiling and talking to her bears.  The sweet baby tried playing "the tongue game" with her bears and I noticed her sticking out her tongue at them and smiling.  After a few minutes, she gave her teddy bears a very sad and pouty face because they were not participating in her game.  Mommy had to tell her that her teddy bears loved her very much, and that if they had tongues, then they would love to play her game!  Silly ole bears!

I am constantly amazed at the things that Abigail is learning.  Everyday she is changing so much.  As a mother, watching and experiencing this all over again for the third time, I am humbled and feel extremely blessed to be a part of a neverending cycle of mother's love.  All three of our little girls are very bright, sweet, beautiful and precious.  Thank you God for our amazing family, and for little moments such as these!

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